‘Excessive faithfulness makes any translation stiff, it being impossible for everything that is natural in one language to be so in the other.’

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

Rates for Translation Services

The following criteria determine the cost of a translation:

Length of the Text

The cost of a translation is calculated either basing on the number of lines (one standard line corresponds to 55 key strokes including spaces in the source text) or on the word count of the original.

File Format

Editable texts are available in a format that can be changed or processed without further technical intermediate steps.

All texts such as documents, scans or copies as well as image files and graphics are not editable texts. This, it takes extra time to translate the content. If possible, you should send me the text in Word format.


When is a translation particularly difficult?

If technical terms are often used in a text, the translation of the text is regarded as particularly difficult. This also applies to texts which are difficult to read. If the content of a text is hard to grasp optically or grammatically, it is considered as difficult, for example, due to illegible handwriting, spelling or grammatical errors.


For urgent orders on weekends, public holidays and after work I add a surcharge.


In case of a publication of the translation, a second translator should proofread the translation.

Proofreading and terminology work are calculated by hours.

For a quotation, you can send me the text to be translated by mail. On this basis, I will draw up an individual quotation at short notice.

Of course, all texts and documents will be handled in confidence.