‘Say what we may of the inadequacy of translation, yet the work is and will always be one of the weightiest and worthiest undertakings in the general concerns of the world.’

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

As a translator I offer the following services

Translations of technical and legal documents

I offer translations of general texts and my focus is on translations in the fields of technology and law and certified translation.

My aim of the translation is a consistent and precise terminology, which serves as an indicator for the quality of a translation.

I translate from German to English and from English and Russian to German.

Technical Translation

Through my studies and my practical experience in technical documentation, I was able to gain profound knowledge of technical translations, especially in text types such as:

  • Instruction manuals, operating manuals and user manuals
  • Technical data sheets
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Websites

Legal Translation

With the authorisation by the District Court of Hanover for English and Russian and the participation in the seminar on the German legal language, I have acquired knowledge in legal translations. For this reason, I can provide translations of various documents such as:

  • Documents
  • Contracts
  • Certificates
  • Legal documents